Care Tracker enables you to manage benefits through secure data integration and customized software solutions. Saves time and money through automated eligibility determination and simplified reconciliation capabilities.

Benefits Management Features:
· Tracks provider eligibility automatically
· Provides rapid reporting on ineligible status preventing overpayment of premiums
· Seamless data integration
· Capable of automated data exchange with health care, dental, vision providers
Generates provider reports automatically to union

Benefits Management Include:
· Generates list of all newly eligible providers each month
· Provides error checking for incorrect data entry
· Creates monthly reports of inaccurate data
· Enables rapid eligibility determination
· Capacity to generate mailing labels for providers and consumers

"Care Tracker has been extremely valuable to the benefit management of our agency. We have experienced significant time and cost savings through its automated reporting capabilities and rapid eligibility determination, in addition we view it as an essential tool to ensure data accuracy."

Sonoma County
In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority