With the Care Tracker automated registry software you will be able to ensure rapid response to consumers who need assistance locating homecare providers. It eliminates the frustration and delays common when looking up information manually. Within minutes staff can generate a letter to send to the consumer with the names and phone numbers of available providers. This also assists in retention of providers on the registry since they are being referred appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Registry Benefits Include:
· Automatically tracks provider and consumer information
· Advanced easy to use search capability for referring potential providers to consumers
· Generates detailed reports monthly
· Capable of tracking provider & consumer training participation
· User defined search capability

Registry Features:
· User friendly, easy navigation
· Automated referrals based on user selected criteria
· Tracks historical data
    o Referrals, to whom, frequency
    o Dated notes

· Generates automated referral letter to consumer
· Automated follow-up notification

"Care Tracker has increased our ability to ensure rapid response to consumers in need of homecare providers. Our ability to make appropriate provider referrals has been significantly enhanced by Care Tracker's automated search capability; and the user-friendly interface and easy navigation has helped to enable more efficient use of staff time."

Eldon Luce, Executive Director
Contra Costa County
In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority