7. Creating Custom Letters
To create custom letters:

7. 1 The first step is to create the content of the letter which will be stored in the Keywords view. Open the "Keywords" view located in the left view pane and scroll down to the section that begins with "Letter - . (See Figure 1)

7. 2 There are 2 ways to create new letter keywords. First option is to create a new keyword with the "Create Keyword" button at the top of the Keywords view. The second option is to copy and paste an existing letter keyword and edit the copied document. (This option is the preferred)

Figure 1

7. 3 To create a new keyword using the Create Keyword button, click on the button at the top of the view. See figure 2.
Figure 2

In the keyword category file type in "Letter - Letter Name". (NOTE: It's very important to use this exact syntax. Note the space before and after the "-" ) See figure 3. Next enter the name of your letter in the "Enter Keyword" field. Finally, in the Body field enter the content of the letter. (NOTE: When letters are created the date, name, and address of the recipient, will be automatically populated in the letter)

Click on the button at the top of the form. The document will be saved and you will be taken back to the "Keywords" view and the new letter keyword will be displayed in the view along wit the other letters. (See figure 1)

Figure 3

7.4 Now you are reday to create letters. To do this go to the appropriate view to find the people to send the letters view. (In the Registry, these views are Consumers\By Name and IPs\By Name.)

7.5 Select the records you want to send letters to by placing a check mak to the left of the record in the view. (See figure 4)
Now click on the "Create Letters" button at the top of the view. A dialog box will appear with a drop down list of the letters created in the keywords view. (See Figure 5) Select the Letter you wish to create and click the OK button on the dialog box. The letters will be create and a message will display that the letters have been created and go to the CMIPS\Letter view to print them. (See Figure 6)
Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

7.6 Now that the letters have been created, they can be printed. Go to the CMIPS\Letters view and find the letters under the date created category. (See figure 7) To open the letter double click on it.
Figure 7

To print the letters, select the letters you wish to print by placing a check mark next to the desired letter and select File-Print in the actions menu. (See Figure 8)
Figure 8