5. Removing an assigned IP from a Consumer
To remove an IP from a Consumer:

5. 1 Open the consumers "By Referred" view located in the left view pane. (See Figure 1)

5. 2 Locate the consumer who needs the IP removed. Click on the green arrow next to consumer's name. (See Figure 2) The assigned IP will contain a purple icon next to the name and the status will be "Working."

Figure 1 Figure 2 (below)

5. 3 To remove hours from the consumer and IP doubleclick on the appropriate IP. This will open the "IP Match" document. (See Figure 3) Click on the "Assign to Client" button at the top of the "IP Match" document. The "Assign IPs" dialog box will appear. (See Figure 4)

Figure 3

5. 4 In the dialog box select the time segments and the number of hours you wish to remove from the IP relating to this specific Consumer. (If the IP is matched to multiple consumers, you want to only remove the hours assigned to this consumer.) You cannot remove more hours than are assigned for both the IP and the consumer. After selecting the time segments and entering the hours to remove click the "OK" button on the dialog box.

Next click on button on the IP Match document. Note the status of the match will go to "Terminated."

Figure 4

5. 5 This will now automatically update the consumer's profile by removing the time segments and subtracting the removed hours (12) from the assigned hours (12) and changing the available hours to 35. (See Figure 5) The consumer's status will change to "Pending." If some of the consumer's available hours were still fulfilled by another IP, the status would change to "Partially Matched."

Figure 5 - Consumer Profile

5. 6 Similarly the removed IPs profile will automatically be updated by changing the time segments based on the number of hours being unassigned from the consumer. The hours are removed from the "Hours Assigned" segment and added back into the IP's number of "Hours Available" (12) this results in changing the available hours to 12. (See Figure 6) The IP's status will change to "Available" since the IP's is not working and all of the desired hours are available to be assigned to another consumer. If the IP is working for another consumer the status would stay at "Available" until all of the desired hours are fulfilled.

Figure 6 - IP Profile