8. Creating Mailing Labels
To create mailing labels:


1. Open the IP’s by name view

2. Select File-Export

3. Select Tabular Text as File Type

4. Type in your file name.

5. Click Export button

6. Choose to export all docs or just those that you selected

7. Click OK. File will be created.

8. Open Excel and open the txt file you just created. NOTE: In the file type in Excel select all files.

9. In the Text Import Wizard make sure that Fixed Width is selected. Then click the Next button all the way through until Finish.

10. You can then space your columns and open the file. Make any changes or deletions at this point.

11. Save and close the workbook as a Microsoft Excel Workbook.

12. Switch to Microsoft Word.

13. Open the Word document for labels that you want to merge too.

14. On the Tools menu in Word, click Mail Merge.

15. Click Create, and select the type of document that you want.

16. Click Get Data

17. Click Open Date Source

18. In the Open Data Source dialog box go to the Files of Type box, click MS Excel Worksheets.

19. Double click the workbook that contains your data.

20. In the Microsoft Excel dialog box, file wanted, and then click OK.

21. When Word displays a message, click Set up main document.

22. Select which type of labels you want.

23. Click OK.

24. Select the printer and size and type of the address labels.

25. Insert the merge fields in the Create Labels dialog box remembering to space after each addition.

26. In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, make sure that “Don’t print blank lines when date fields are empty” is selected.

27. Click Merge, and then select the options you want.

28. Click OK

29. Merge to a new document. Merge

30. A new document with your labels will appear on the screen.

31. Print.