9. Creating Ad Hoc Reports
1. Go into the CareTracker application and open the "Monthly Reports" view.
2. Click on the button at the top of the view “Create Ad Hoc Report” (See Figure 1)

3. When clicking on the button, a dialog box will appear to select the report criteria. Click on Consumer and/or Providers to select who you would like to report on. Enter the name of your report in the title field. Enter the Start Date and End Date of all the actitivty you would like to report on.Then select which parameters you would like to report on. When finished entering the report criteria click the OK button.

Figure 2 below will create a report all new and terminated consumers and providers between 11/06/2003 and 02/18/2004

4. The reports will run. Note: Depending on the criteria and the size of your Registry database, this report may take a few minutes. When complete, the Monthly Reports view will be displayed with the new report in it.

5. From the view, open the report and examine the results. Below the report summary the detail of the report results will be displayed with doclinks to the profiles.

3. Select the files to upload and click on the create button. The files will be attached to the Attachments field. Click on the “Save” button at the top of the form.