3. a. Matching an IP to a Consumer with no searching

How to match an IP to a Consumer with out performing a search.

This situation will arise when a consumer specifically request the service of a particular IP. Therefore, a search is not required and the user must match the IP to the Consumer.

To search for IP from a Consumer Profile:

3 a. 1 Open the Consumers "By Name" view located in the left view pane. (See Figure 1)

3 a. 2 Locate the Consumer who is requesting the specific IP to be matched with. Double click the "Consumer Profile" to open it. (See Figure 2)

Figure 1 Figure 2

3 a. 3 To match an available IP click in on the "Add IP Match" button. (See Figure 3) After clicking on the "Add IP Match" button, the "IP Match" box will appear. (See Figure 3) The list of available IPs will appear.

Figure 3

3 a. 4 Select the IP the Consumer has hired as their worker. After the IP is selected, click on the "OK" button. (See Figure 4)
Figure 4

3 a. 5 This will automatically change the consumer's status to "Matched" if all of the desired hours are assigned. It will also change the IP's status to "Working" if all of the hours the IP has are assigned. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5