3. Searching IPs from Consumer profile
To search for IP from a Consumer Profile:

3. 1 Open the Consumers - "By Name" view located in the left view pane. (See Figure 1)

3. 2 Locate the Consumer who has requested the IP referrals. Double click the Consumer's profile to open it. (See Figure 2)

Figure Figure 2

3. 3 To search the available IP's click on the "Search IP Profiles" button. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

3. 4 After clicking on the "Search IP Profiles" button, the "Search IP" dialog box will appear. (See Figure 4) The selections listed on the left side of the pane are the search categories the user can select from. All categories automatically default to "no" which means no screening will occur until one or more search criteria are selected. All IPs who are currently in an available status will come up in the search until at least one search criteria is chosen. To screen the available IPs select "Yes" on the field next to the desired category name. For example: if the user wants to screen based on where the IP is available to work geographically, in comparison to where the consumer's residence is located, then select "Yes" next to Geographic Preference. After all of the desired screening criteria have been selected, click the "OK" button at the upper right hand corner of the dialog box. This will initiate the search process. The results will be returned in the "Search Results" window. The user can select any new criteria if the returned list is too large or de-select chosen criteria if the search results did not return enough IPs. After the desired criteria is selected, click on the "OK" button to perform a new search. At any time, the user can delete returned results to allow the list to conform to the county requirements for sending IP lists to Consumers. This can be done by using the cursor to highlight the names of all IPs the user does not want on the list to be mailed to the consumer, and pressing the delete key on the keyboard. To the left of the "Save Results" checkbox, there is a drop down of the IPs returned from the search. (Figure 5). Upon selecting a name, additional data from the IP profile will be displayed in the field below. This data includes IP assigned times, status comments, and notes

Figure 4

3. 5 When the search results in a sufficient list of IPs, and the list consists of only the names the user wants to send to the consumer, check the "Save Results" check-box and click on the "OK" button. (See Figures 5 & 6) This will initiate the creation of a pre-formatted letter that includes the names and phone numbers of the listed IPs to be sent to the consumer. It also sends information that tracks documents linking the referred IPs to the consumer requesting the referrals.

Figure 5

Figure 6